Enmax Cupe Collective Agreement 2017

Members have been without agreement since the beginning of 2018 under a four-year contract that has earned them a 12.5 per cent pay increase over the life of the collective agreement. Lanovaz also said he would not publish the contract proposed by the city until its union members voted. These are not considered “legal” copies of contracts/agreements. If you need more information or a signed copy, email or call Labour Relations at 403-268-2236. “Our decision followed the city`s announcement in December and is consistent with current business practices in the current economic climate. This is not a collective agreement position, since the pension bonus applies to all CPA employees” Lanovaz stated that the only communication they had with the CPA was via e-mail where the company confirmed the change that the union learned through a third party He adds that these payments are reserved for those who leave the company and go into retirement. “We have just concluded a round of negotiations in which the employer has not addressed this issue at all,” said D`Arcy Lanovaz, President of CUPE 38. “They waited until we had finished the negotiations to make a sudden announcement without telling the union.” “This may be the best deal we can get in this cycle if we don`t degenerate,” said D`arcy Lanovaz, president of CUPE 38. “As a bargaining team, we have decided not to strike this proposal, but to put it to the vote of our members so that we can hear very clearly how our members are about the latest employer offer,” said the union president. The 4100 members of CUPE Local 38 are said, the city`s offer is probably the best thing they can get without any kind of employment action. CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A local union says it is shocked after learning that the pensions of some park workers will soon disappear.

Lanovaz said the union did not recommend accepting or rejecting the offer. Payments are expected to be cancelled in August by the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA). CUPE 38 represents the City of Calgary in the downtown core as well as with the staff of Enmax and the Calgary Parking Authority. “Obviously we have very clear differences of opinion on where the economy is. If we take into account the workload of our members and all that they have suffered, it was a long round of negotiations and both sides took some pretty strong positions,” Lanovaz told Global News. The union is now considering legal action against the Calgary Parking Authority and is likely to file a complaint. The agreement expires 2021 January 3 Fleet Services Integration Agreement List 2018-2021 “Thursday of last week, when we found out. Not by the Calgary parking authority, but by someone else,” Lanovaz said.

Would you like to talk? Please read our comments directive first. Lanovaz said pensions are a great benefit for those who have worked for years, even decades in the business.