Iata Standard Ground Handling Agreement (Sgha)

It goes without saying that airlines have their own ground operating manuals, other service provider guidelines, codes of conduct, approach policies, customer service (e.g.B. customer charter), style and even brand. Handling companies are often the face of an airline in an airport. Airlines must provide sufficient information to enable assistance companies to perform the processing properly (new point 5.1). The amended clause 7.3 and the new clause 7.4 give the handler the right to suspend services if the airline does not require an immediate advance or cash payment in the event of insolvency. Given the historical liquidity problems faced by some airlines, it is perhaps surprising that these clauses have not yet been included in the SGHA. This does not mean that the resolution of the companies will be nothing but unsecured creditors for unpaid bills. Under current SGHA legislation, cash advances or advances may violate applicable local insolvency legislation. Ludwig Dorfmeier, Director – Contract Air, Middle East and Africa, DHL Aviation EEMEA With a B.Sc in aviation management, an MBA and 15 years of flying experience behind me, I wanted to refresh my knowledge – this time with a focus on ground operations.

I have researched several programs at the executive level, but I opted for the IATA diploma program because of its reputation and comfortable spa plan. The SGHA-SLA – Effective Negotiation Behaviors workshop was an excellent introduction to IATA courses and introduction for ground training. I work every day with SGHAs – mainly water rental and dry rental contracts – and this hands-on course has allowed me to make full use of the manual and formulate solutions to the problems encountered when they appear on the ramp. Thanks to many training opportunities offered during the course, I also feel more confident in entering into agreements with our historical pool of operators. The theory is great, but it is the experience that teachers and other participants bring into the classroom that I find most beneficial. I recently took a course with a group of representatives from the CAA and the Nigerian Airport Authority, a country in which DHL operates.