Investor Clause In Flat Agreement

“Sir`s is a flat investor,” my real estate agent told me last week. I posed as a model for my story to find the real truth behind the Flat investor. The entire 130-unit building was empty, even though it was ready to move in. The real estate agent tried to put a brave face and told me that all the apartments are bought by investors, except 4-5 units are with the owner. As a final buyer, I would have been impressed, but as a real estate professional, it made me more skeptical. As I shared in my previous article on real estate prices that most brokers are now channel partners of the prime contractor. They advance projects at a higher price. The commission is directly related to the sale price. In my case too, two projects in the field of my research were the common recommendation of all brokers.

Personally, I didn`t like any of them. Terms of payment: The agreement must clearly state the negotiated price of the property as well as the detailed payment schedule. Normally, for a project under construction, payment is expected on the basis of construction phases. When purchasing a finished home, the terms of payment are set according to mutual consent and payments are usually made at the time or before the accommodation is taken over. It is best to seek legal assistance when signing the sales contract in order to avoid future disputes. A respected contractor will have his legal cell to help a buyer. In the case of the Bombay Stamp Act, whereby the investor is agreed with the prime contractor in accordance with this subheading 5 (g-a) (ii), benefits are granted to investors who sell their shares over a one-year period. In such a case, the stamp duty paid by the investor for the sale by the investor is deducted from the stamp duty owed by the subsequent buyer, while the minimum payable by a large buyer is 1,000 points. Surprisingly, however, this benefit is not available to an investor who has nothing to do with a developer There are 2 types of investors, i.e. model investors and real investors. Thanks to these investors, Builder tries to hedge its risk.

The primary objective of a contractor is to recover the costs of the project. As long as I plan to build 100 apartments. Of these apartments, I would say 40 apartments in Rs 5000 pf sell to recover my expenses. Real investors are very smart and protect their risks. I will talk about that in my future speeches. If I can`t find a real investor in Rs 5000 psf and the price falls on Rs 4500 then as a contractor, then I no longer need to sell apartments, i.e. 45 apartments to recover the costs. That`s why I have to find the optimal price to maintain profitability by not selling homes. A contractor may or may not find real investors. Real investors are usually HNIs and buy 5/10 or more of housing in a project, depending on the reputation of the owner and the size of the project. As a result, real investors help the owner cover financial risks.

There are opportunities between the owner and the first owner that the agreement for the deed of sale has happened and with you they will make the final registration. The clause should make it clear that the scope of the agreement also includes the transfer of the entire seller for the electrical connection, the connection to the water, the association of the owners of dwellings, membership in the clubhouse, membership in the gym, the contribution to the declining association fund, etc. In the absence of this clause, the seller may request additional money at the time of sale against all deposits he has paid. A sale agreement must contain the following clauses: As we found, “Investor Flat” in the project helps the owner control the inventory.