Service Level Agreement Server Hosting

The company`s standard response time to technical support issues is one hour. This time depends on the complexity of the demand and support volume. The technical support service gives the highest priority to customer requests related to server downtime. These problems are first corrected after informing a customer. The outgoing email protocol used on the email server (SMTP) is a “Store and Forward” protocol that does not guarantee the immediate delivery of e-mail messages. If the first attempt to e-mail the email server fails, the delivery is retried according to a pre-defined schedule. If the message cannot be sent for 5 days, the messages are sent back to the sender. To support the services described in this agreement, ClientFirst will respond to service-related incidents and/or customer requests within the following time frame: the company guarantees at least 99.99% network availability. Network availability is defined as the ability to switch TCP/IP traffic in and out of the company`s network. The unavailability of application servers and email servers due to loss of network availability is not included in the calculations of email server or application availability, or whether the loss of network availability is due to factors outside the company`s sphere of influence, including factors such as national and international backbone issues or the customer part of the network, denial of service or similar attacks against the company`s servers or the company`s network. AlS must, in its most basic way, indicate the type of service provided at the same time as all the additional details. It should include specifications such as what the service contains, what it does not offer, how long it will be available, the price and so on. It also makes clear the responsibilities of each party.

It also covers maintenance domains such as network connectivity, dynamic host configuration, domain name servers, etc. ALS credits generally refer to the amount of compensation or reimbursement you receive if the supplier does not meet the ALS requirements. This may apply to cases where they are less than the percentage of availability, response time or repair time. Check this section to see if the clauses mentioned here are calculated appropriately, immediately, effectively and correctly with respect to the total price of the contract. This encourages most companies to provide quality and future services. Incidents begin from the moment the customer files an error ticket or phone call. All SLA credits must be requested via a support ticket or email AlS credit is not available to customers who have invoices that are late to their account. The SLA credit must not exceed the monthly fee of a specific service. (e) tools for accessing database servers when these services are purchased by the customer as part of the services. Now that you know ALS, you need to draw attention to some points the next time you have to choose a host. If you read carefully the terms of these factors, you will know if the company concerned can meet your hosting requirements: Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, the total amount that will be credited to the customer in a given month after this ALS cannot exceed the total amount of hospitality paid by the customer for the services concerned for this month.