Wfn Tenancy Agreement

No, the administrator and the West Bank First Nation are a neutral party in all leasing matters. The duty of the administrator is to facilitate arbitration and mediation so that disputes can be heard at a formal hearing. A landlord has fifteen (15) days to return the deposit to the tenant (or part of it if there is mutual agreement). If the landlord does not return the tenant`s deposit after fifteen (15) days, the tenant may apply for an arbitrator`s order to refund the deposit. Does the Residential Premises Administrator/West Bank First Nation have the authority to resolve rental disputes? How can a tenant tell their landlord that they want to end the tenancy? After her husband`s death in April 2018, she continued to live on the property and paid rent to WFN in accordance with the lease. In 2016, the couple applied for and were admitted to participate in a WFN homeownership program, spending $20,000 to renovate a property before receiving a lease with an option to purchase and permission to occupy the house, according to the documents. A tenant can cancel their tenancy with a landlord with at least one month`s notice. This notification must be made in a manner consistent with section 84 of the Residential Buildings Act 2008-03. For more information, see No.

The FMN Residential Premises Act oversees all rental matters on West Bank land. The Residential Buildings Act maintains a framework similar to that of the British Columbia Tenancy Act, although it varies in some sections of the Act. .