What Motivated Germany To Sign A Nonaggression Agreement With The Soviet Union Apex

. to “consult” 16 Polish clandestine leaders, to arrest them when they showed up. As Stalin told the Yugoslav communist Milovan Djilas: “In this war, each side applies its system to the extent that its armies can achieve it. Although it was feared that taking on this new position, in addition to his others, would overwhelm his workload and give him too much power, Stalin was appointed to the position. [252] It was advantageous for Lenin to have an important eater in this decisive function. [253] In 1944, the Soviet Union made significant progress throughout Eastern Europe toward Germany,[533] including Operation Bagration, a massive offensive in the Belarusian SSR against German Army Group Mitte. [534] In 1944, the German armies were expelled from the Baltic states (with the exception of Ostland), which were then reintegrated into the Soviet Union. [535] When the Red Army recaptured the Caucasus and Crimea, various ethnic groups living in the region—Kalmyks, Chechens, Ingushi, Karachay, Balkars, and Crimean Tatars—were accused of collaborating with the Germans. .